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February 4, 2016
04 Feb 2016

SWARM CELL – Diversity & Disability Talk Back w/ Panel



POST-PERFORMANCE talk back w/ panel

IMG_7700 copyJoin cast members of the world premiere play SWARM CELL and local performing arts leaders as they discuss visibility, access, and opportunities for all types of audiences and artists. How do we answer the call by providing everyone with an active role in the performing arts and entertainment? Representation in the arts is currently a huge hot topic and we want to explore what the word “diversity” means to a variety of individuals that make careers within the field.

What has been done? What can we do more of? Who do we want to see more of? Why does a diverse representation of human-beings and experiences matter?

SWARM CELL, a play starring an all female cast of Latina and African American women that challenges audiences to take a look at their world and answer the questions “Are you a queen bee or a worker bee?, or “How does I become we?,” is the ideal backdrop for this conversation.

Join us for the sign-interpreted performance and post-show talk-back. DATE COMING SOON! Get $10 General Admission Tickets with the code TALKBACK.


February 2, 2016
02 Feb 2016

HuffPost Arts & Culture Features SWARM CELL

Greenway Court Theatre’s Thought-Provoking & Entertaining “Swarm Cell” Echoes “The Grapes of Wrath’s” Call to Arms

by Ashley Jude Collie

swarm-cell-image-01Greenway Court Theatre’s co-artistic director, Pierson Blaetz, and producing director, Jason Bruffy, are eagerly watching a rehearsal of their upcoming world premiere, SWARM CELL.

The cozy theater, housed in an historic building and nestled next to Fairfax High School’s campus in Hollywood, saw 10 world premieres in 2015. Now Blaetz and Bruffy are enthused by SWARM CELL, which has previews January 28-29, and opens January 30 for a five-week run. The early word is that this entertaining production, which tells a tale of “a brave new world of womanhood and identity,” is one of the first must-see events in the Los Angeles 2016 theatrical calendar … READ THE WHOLE ARTICLE HERE.

August 10, 2015
10 Aug 2015

‘’BREATHE” Open Auditions today and tomorrow 10am-6pm

Today AUG 10th-11th

We are having open auditions for our up coming show ‘’BREATHE’’

by Javon Johnson
directed by Levy Lee Simon

Synopsis “When two teenagers (one black, one white) are involved in separate acts of violence the consequences they face are based not only on evidence, but also on the color of their skin.” “Using a combination of urban poetry and dramatic action, Breathe explores the tensions, decisions and conditions that leads the boys to prison and the effect their imprisonment has on their families



(PRE-CAST) early forties, African-American construction manager, stern patriarch, a proud man.

  • JOHN FLEMING early forties, third generation Caucasian police officer, a by the book type conflicted by the heart.
  • LORETTA early forties, Isaac’s wife, African-American social worker, the emotional spine of her community and family.
  • ELLEN  early forties, John’s wife, Caucasian corporate busy body, evasive to conflict, a true patriot for traditional America.
  • CASEY seventeen year old son of John and Ellen, dyed or spiked hair, a methodically budding rebel in search of himself.
  • ANDRE  seventeen year old son of Isaac and Loretta, twisted hair or boldly cut, a good kid oppressed by a bad environment, a young flame that refuses to be put out.


Greenway Court Theatre
544 North Fairfax Avenue, LA, CA 90036
Free parking in the adjacent lot and street parking
WHEN: Monday, October 10th 10am – 6pm


July 11, 2015
11 Jul 2015

Inkslam 2015 WINNERS

INKSLAM 2015, LA’s premiere poetry festival.  After three days of panels, workshops and slams, we highlight for you who hold the crown for Indie slam and The team that now holds the title of WEST COAST CHAMPION of SPOKEN WORD!

Thursday, July 9th was a special presentation of  ”Founders Day!,” a night that the founders,

Dante Basco, Poetri Smith, ‘Brutha’ Gimel Hooper and Shihan Clief

shared stories and poems from the start of DPL and how they went from all sleeping in the same house, to starting this “poetry thing”, printing flyers at Kinkos, and talking to people at acting auditions. They built a tribe and a community that stands now as DPL, one of  the biggest poetry gatherings in the country that happens here at the Greenway Court Theater in Hollywood, every Tuesday.

Inkslamchamps 2015 san 2

Shout out to the 2015 Inkslam Team Champion, San Diego’s Elevated.

After the battle of eight teams, Poets from all over the country, San Diego’s own were the ones who came out on top!

Rudy Francisco, Joe Lime, Saint and Imani Cezanne of Team Elevated are now the 2015 West Coast Champion of Spoken Word. Congratulations!

Inkslamchamps 2015 san_

And Finally the indie slam Winner Crown and prize money goes to Ed Mabrey.

After a tie with Rudy Francisco, the people decided to let the two poets battle it out for one final round.

With a very heartfelt poem from Rudy Francisco, Ed Mabrey followed it up with freestyle that left nobody in the house sitting. Talking about the love and respect he had for every poet in the room and how our grandchildren would talk about this night!

Congratulations to The 2015 Ink Slam Indie Champ – @edmabrey Inkslamchamps 2015 san 3


May 19, 2015
19 May 2015


BWW Reviews: A Lovely Traditional 70th Anniversary Production of GLASS MENAGERIE at Greenway Court

by Don Grigware

BWW Reviews: A Lovely Traditional 70th Anniversary Production of GLASS MENAGERIE at Greenway Court

The Glass Menagerie/by Tennessee Williams/directed byJack Heller/Greenway Court Theatre/through June 14

For many, Tennessee WilliamsThe Glass Menagerieremains his finest play. Semi-autobiographical, the play takes place in St. Louis during the Depression and depicts the relationships between a restless alcoholic factory worker, wannabe writer, his overbearing mother and his psychologically deficient sister – all of which stems from Williams’ actual background. Williams finds his voice in Tom. (Brian Foyster)

Currently at the Greenway Court, Jack Heller directs a beautifully traditional production in honor of the play’s 70th anniversary. At the top Tom takes the guise of a merchant marine as narrator and introduces what is to follow as a memory play. His mother Amanda Wingfield (Lisa Richards) is a tower of Southern strength, pushing her children to become all that they can be, yet keeping them reliant on her and her traditional ways, clawing and needling to the point where Tom wants only to escape and join the merchant marine. Tom is a writer who works in a factory. He must support his mother and sister and is stuck without any other means of employment. Sister Laura (Kerry Knuppe) is a shy girl with a limp who keeps a glass menagerie as her only source of pleasure apart from an old worn out phonograph collection left to them by their father, a telephone man who up and left them, according to Tom, “he fell in love with long distance”. Amanda wants a husband for Laura and pesters Tom to bring home a gentleman caller, a possible suitor, as poor Laura is fast becoming an old maid with no prospects.

BWW Reviews: A Lovely Traditional 70th Anniversary Production of GLASS MENAGERIE at Greenway Court

The beauty of Williams’ writing is the that he creates within the darkly-lit memory play an easy access to reality and fantasy. There’s the shabby tenement in which the Wingfields live as well as their bare-bones wardrobe. Then, there are the dreamlike musical sounds from the old dance hall across the alley. Tom runs out at night and takes refuge at the movies, sort of like Laura tending to her glass animals. Even Amanda has her flights of fancy as she likes to live and talk about her girlhood with 17 gentleman callers, and bouquets and bouquets of jonquils flooding her home. Who wouldn’t want to escape the Depression and find some source of temporary comfort in a harmless pastime, as long as it doesn’t waste one’s existence? But, alas for Amanda and Laura, time is running out. The fourth character in the play Jim O’Conner (Patrick Joseph Rieger) brings reality into the apartment with his visit. His down.home good nature and enthusiasm for public speaking and technology make him a man on the up and up. Dissatisfied with the factory. he is trying, unlike Tom, whom he nicknames Shakespeare, to make something successful of his life. He dreams too, but at least attends night classes to help bring about some personal transition. Jim was a classmate of Tom and Laura’s in high school. Laura had a crush on him but because of her terrible shyness, could never tell him how she felt. When he comes to dinner and recognizes Laura for who she is, he boosts her self-confidence. Sadly, he is engaged to another, so this ‘dinner date’ with Laura is the only experience she will have with him.

BWW Reviews: A Lovely Traditional 70th Anniversary Production of GLASS MENAGERIE at Greenway Court

Under Jack Heller‘s loving direction, all the actors flesh out their characters magnificently and find their own breathing space within the confines of the limited scenario. Richards is a marvel as Amanda, the mother who lived to love her children. Without every going over the top, hers is a grounded, yet luminous performance with exuberantly lovely flights of fancy. Foyster keeps Tom completely believable as well, living each uncomfortable moment with a deeply felt need for freedom. Knuppe is perfect as Laura, evoking every nuance of self-consciousness and fear. Rieger offers the typical nice-guy qualities of the Gentleman Caller: extremely affable and open, most abundantly polite, with a glimmer of ego and self-confidence, just enough to set him apart from the others. All four actors render model performances.

Joel Daavid’s wonderful set design evokes the period to perfection. The old, run down apartment is replete with priceless nick-nacks, old furniture and props which give it a style all its own. Williams would be proud of this Glass Menagerie. It retains every syllable of his gorgeous poetry and because of the superb direction and performances, it is terribly entertaining, emotionally engaging and ultimately fulfilling. Don’t miss it!


BWW Reviews: A Lovely Traditional 70th Anniversary Production of GLASS MENAGERIE at Greenway Court


The Full Article
April 24, 2015
24 Apr 2015

Greenway Go!

140px-go-GCTGreenway GO was designed to provide access to and engagement in the arts to the Los Angeles community. By building on current initiatives, we envision the program as a vital entry point for students and the community to experience a variety of art events for free or for a very low cost. Greenway GO is part of a larger, evolving effort to engage in creative placemaking, accessibility, and true community building through the arts. As Greenway continues to grow and explore a new model for how arts, education and social enterprise can work together to help organizations remain both relevant and economically viable, it is simultaneously important that we find ways to include access points for community members who may be shut out by traditional pricing, location and lack of connection to the art itself.

Our current assets for this initiative are:

  1. The Greenway Court Theatre – Greenway curates a season of theatrical experiences at that include co-productions, original works and curated presented offerings.
  2. Melrose Trading Post – art-based marketplace held every Sunday at Fairfax High School. Greenway’s signature social enterprise program.
  3. Da’ Poetry Lounge is a low-cost, open mic’ poetry and spoken word event produced every Tuesday night, and is the largest, longest-running and most diverse weekly spoken word event in the country, engaging poets of all ages and backgrounds in this standing-room only event. DPL served as one of the inspirations for Russell Simmons’ Tony-awarding winning Def Poetry Jam.
  4. InkSlam – an annual festival of workshops and poetry competitions for all ages, that attracts local and national poets to this popular, three-day event.